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Over 18,000+ People Just Like YOU Have Experienced Our LIVE Events…
Knowledge Is The New Money….And Wealth Creation is easier (& more fun) than you think!
3 Pillars To Online Success
You’ll Learn About At Our Free 2 Hour Live Event 100% Beginner Friendly
PILLAR 1: 3 Steps To Online Business Master
We’ve taken decades of learning, experience and compressed it into a 2 hours in person masterclass.

It’s kinda like reading a book in 1 month that someone spent 20 years writing, except this is in person and it’s for ONLY 2 hours.

There’s a good chance you’ve looked at this “doing business using the internet” concept and wondered how you can do it too. Well at this free training event we will show you exactly step by step what you need to be doing. Rather than jumping in without knowing what you are doing, let us show exactly the things you need to get off the ground to a winning start.

You already know how others are doing well, now is your time. Get paid what you know you deserve, desire and dream about…

PILLAR 2: Growing Your Online Business With The MSOT Formula
This term was coined by the CEO, WealthAcademy to help entrepreneurs avoid the 1 mistake of relying on one form of getting customers. To create true financial freedom it is recommended you learn the “easy to acquire” systems of attracting customers on demand.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in customers are the lifeblood of your business. The more customers you have, the more sales you’ll make.

One of the core elements we’ll discuss is how to profitable acquire customers so that you can scale using simple little websites, some of these websites you probably spend alot of time already on like Facebook, Google, Email & Instagram yet you aren’t leveraging it with 30-60 mins a day that can change your life for-ever.

We’ll show you the marketing strategies we’ve been using and mastering to get endless leads into our online businesses and then turn them into paying customers.

Forgot all the outdated methods, that you might have heard about, we will be showing you how to use the hottest traffic platforms around and then automate the entire process so you can serve all these new customers you will be getting.

The 3 core traffic strategies we use are Facebook, YouTube & Email Marketing

PILLAR 3: BTC Formula
No BTC doesn’t mean Bitcoin. 🙂
The difference between the 1% of people who really succeed in business, in online marketing comes down to this one concept of BTC = Big Ticket Commissions. This is essentially where you leverage systems that attract, qualify and sell your customers so you don’t have to personally sell.

Attracting the right premium level clients that have money to buy your products and services will determine at the end how much income you can make. Instead of being like ASDA (Walmart), you discover how you can be like RALPH LAUREN (POLO), and the other leading brands that already brings in the best customers so you’re not wasting your time chasing endless dead leads.

Say goodbye to old-school prospecting, chasing friends and family, meeting random strangers, harassing people to buy – NOPE. None of that. You simply place ads daily and leverage big ticket commissions formula to remove the “Grunt Work” of selling.
By having the right foundations in place, you can now think about how to grow and sustain your online business. What are the business models that you can add to grow your online business further. Grow you customers, grow your sales, grow your money.

There are so many ways of building a business online, Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce, High Ticket Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Ebay, Amazon etc.

We are going to take the confusion out of what you need to be doing and how to start to ensure you can grow in an efficient manner. We’ll give you everything you need to know to take your business to the next level with nothing held back.


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